Life Lessons Mosquitoes taught me

Lesson 1: Mosquitoes Don’t Give Up !
Staying up at night to study or as idiomatically put “burning the midnight oil” has made me some new friends. Do I enjoy their company? Hell No! Am I deliberately housing them in my room? Hell No! Do I know how they get into my room? I have no idea! I just feel their presence as soon as the sun sets and it’s dark.

If you are reading this and you’ve been born and bread in certain parts of the world, you may not know what a mosquito is. But if you’ve been born and “fufued” or “kenkeyed” in Ghana, you know what I mean. In my part of the world, mosquitoes are our “night-watchers” They come in uninvited, feast uninvited and kill uninvited. They are your guests who need no invitation. After feasting on you, they leave behind a gift called malaria as proof of their presence. One actually needs a workable war strategy just to defeat the seemingly invincible army of mosquitoes.

Being close to them, not by choice, has taught me some winning life lessons. I’ve learnt these lessons the hard way. The most horrific aspect had to do with near-death experience of being hospitalized for days as a result of severe malaria.
The first lesson I’ve learnt from mosquitoes is that, they don’t give up! They come close to your ears and start “singing morale songs” whiiiiin, whiiiiin x^^^^^ you try to hit them a hundred times and they swerve 101 times. After the 101st swerve, you are probably too frustrated, tired or sleepy and you let them have their way. Sometimes in an attempt to drive them away from my ears, I end up slapping myself. Sometimes I actually hit them but once they don’t die from the hit, it doesn’t deter them, they will keep on coming until they either inject the plasmodium into your system or die.

You see their level of perseverance? I have never been to the mosquito world before but I sure can tell you their mantra is “Make it or Die trying!” At other times too I get to kill some of them, that’s if I don’t use an insecticide or coil but try to hand-kill them. But the ones I mostly get to kill are the ones I wake up to find so drunk on my blood and cannot move. Dying such a death is very glorifying to the mosquito because, at that point it is a mission accomplished for him and all it thinks about is a befitting burial.

What am I trying to say? I’m saying even mosquitoes don’t give up ! They keep on keeping on till they die. It’s always a make it or break it mission for them. You can’t give up on your dreams. I tell you today that give it your all, until the given becomes your all !!

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