Life Lessons Mosquitoes taught me 2

Mosquitoes have a hiding place !

Have you ever wondered where mosquitoes go in the day? Like these folks are around you all night and the moment dawn clears they vanish into thin air. you can’t see them anymore. Daylight gives way to darkness and they “resurface”.

Once again if you are not a Sub-Saharan Africa aborigine or not from certain mosquito-prone areas of the world, the main character of this piece “mosquito” will sound as strange to you as skyscrapers in Ghana (Africa), or as people in Ghana (Africa) driving the latest Mercedes cars on a regular basis or the people of Ghana using high-end technological devices like the iPhones and facial recognition door locks. Sounds very strange isn’t it ? Yeah “information w) wiase” just google search Accra Ghana or better still visit Ghana.

That’s when you’ll find out that Africa is a continent made up of 54 different countries with positive 3Ds of Dream, Determination and Discipline but not the negative 3Ds of Death, Disaster and Disease as mostly portrayed by the foreign news outlets. But hey ! we do have mosquitoes here and we need all the help we can get to exterminate them.

Ooops! Am I “tripping”? Okay please lemme take you home now. The hiding place of the mosquito during the day is the mosquito’s “situation room”. Just as the situation room in the White House, battle plans are made for the night ahead. Please permit me to ask you, do you have a hiding place in life? or you always go with the flow?
From the mosquitoes I’ve learnt that there comes a time in a person’s life where one needs to “stay hidden” and re-strategize for the years ahead.

You can’t always go with the flow because the mosquito doesn’t! You can’t keep on to the same friends whom you’ve been with all these years and nothing productive has happened to you. Life is not a group work, it is a solo mission.

I’ve also learnt that hiding place must not necessarily be you leaving your place of residence or a change of location. The best place I believe we humans can hide is in our minds. Renewing your thought pattern will make you new. Have a situation room in your mind, keep on to friends who can tell you point blank that this is wrong or right not the sycophants. Spread love.

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