Trial of Derek Chauvin

“I stay up at night apologizing to Mr. George Flyod for not doing more” These were the words of one of the four teenagers who witnessed Policeman Derek Chauvin kneel on Mr. George Flyod’s neck for 8mins and 46secs. Miss Darnella whose video of the incident led to global protest made the above statement to the court as she took the stand.
The court played a new video which shows George Flyod begging the police officers not to harm him. “I am not a bad guy he yells”
In another footage filmed by Mr. Lane, George Flyod is heard saying to the Police officers “please do not shoot me, I just lost my mum”
It was an atmosphere filled with emotions in the court room as one of the jurors broke down and sobbed like a baby after seeing the video footage played as evidence. The judge had to pause proceedings for a while to allow the juror put herself together. It was same for a bystander who was called to the stand as a witness. Mr. Charles McMillan who from the footage appears to be the first bystander on the scene, shed tears while recounting the experience.

Witnesses statement on Wednesday ?
The young man who was the shop employee inside Cup Foods, Mr. Christopher Martin told the court he engaged Mr. Flyod as a customer. He said Mr. Flyod looked like he was high but was mentally stable enough to have a reasonable conversation. He made it clear to the court that his suspicion was based on how Mr. Flyod struggled to answer a simple question. He however described Mr. Flyod as “Friendly and approachable”

A footage from the shop’s camera shows Mr. Flyod having friendly chats with people and laughing as well.

Mr. Martin told the court he had sold a packet of cigarette to Mr. Flyod in the past and received fake notes from him as payment. He was able to tell the note was fake due to its color and texture but Mr. Floyd “didn’t seem to know it was a fake note”.

In a footage from Mr. Chauvin’s own body camera, Mr. McMillan is seen confronting the police after the arrest when he had early on told Policeman Chauvin that his knee on Mr. Floyd’s neck was not right.

“We had to control this guy because he’s a sizeable guy,” Mr Chauvin told Mr McMillian, as he got back in his squad car. “It looks like he’s probably on something.”

The televised trail of Mr. Derek Chauvin continues today in the Minneapolis court with a 14-member jury team. Nine women and five men.
Jury breakdown:
6 white women
3 black men
2 multi-racial women
2 white men
1 black woman

source: BBC

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