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Waking up is the most difficult aspect.

Sleep is a very interesting phenomenon. More often than not, I hear people ask others what time did you sleep? And you listen to them say “I slept at 10 pm”. Such an interesting answer! When it comes to sleep, your response should always be “political”. I slept around 10 pm is okay an answer because the truth is no matter how intelligent, dumb, poor, rich, beautiful and smart you are, you can never tell the exact time you slept.

Sleep is more like death’s younger brother or death’s cousin. This means as soon as one is birthed into the world, one “dies” a fake death every day while s/he awaits the real death. Shakespeare never lied when he said, “cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once. … It seems to me most strange that men should fear; Seeing that death, a necessary end, Will come when it comes.” Merhn! It was never “fake news”.
It is amazing how we tend to enjoy the “fake death” but dread the real death. Not all fakes are bad, after all.

People have said a lot of things about sleep. Some say it is for the weak, others say sleep it’s dangerous, science says we need it for optimum performance of our human faculties, others also say sleep is for the rich, but I say sleep is a commodity. It has a price. There are times you can AFFORD to sleep; there are times you cannot AFFORD to sleep.
Upon all the myths surrounding sleep, the most difficult aspect is waking up. You will agree that having to wake up from sleep to study at night, dawn or in the afternoon is very annoying. The most annoying of all is waking up on a Monday morning for lectures or work.

Sleep has everything to do with issues of life. I have come across people who are stuck in abusive relationships, near-death marriages, and very demanding but bad paying jobs, yet they cannot get out. Please wake up, okay? That’s always the toughest part. Realizing that you are not happy, that this thing is killing me or will kill me eventually, is the toughest part. Yes, it is, but wake up; you’ve been sleeping for far too long. Nobody ever died from starting afresh. Forget about all the “what ifs” and do this for you. Get your smile back. I tell you what, although waking up is the most difficult aspect, you can only enjoy all the best things life offers when you are awake. You can only eat “Gorb3” when you are awake; you can only lend a helping hand when you are awake, you can only read my articles and critique when you are awake, you can only drive a Mercedes when you are awake, you can only go on a vacation when you are awake, you can only laugh when you are awake, you can only love when you are awake.

Wake up!

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