2 feared dead after ‘trotro’ crashed into faulty trailer on Tesano road

At least two people are believed to have died when a Trotro collided with a defective trailer parked in the middle of the road in Tesano. The accident near the Tesano Police Station is thought to have happened around 4:30 a.m. on Wednesday.

The occupants of the defective trailer had failed to indicate that a vehicle was parked on the lane, according to Kwadwo Konadu, a good Samaritan who went to the rescue of some trapped victims. He said that the driver of the Trotro could not see the trailer in the dark and left the vehicle at a curve without warning, resulting in the crash.

“It is because there wasn’t any light or triangle and there was nothing to warn oncoming cars that this is what has happened. So I am sure that because of the darkness, the van didn’t see that this truck was packed there, so he just run into it and that is what happened,” he narrated.

While the Trotro’s driver is suspected of being one of the two people killed in the accident, Kwadwo Konadu revealed that a motorcycle rider also collided with the same defective trailer.

“I got there around 4:48 am and I saw this yellow van that has just run into the truck. I just gave them the highlight so as to assist but we were not able to open the doors so we had to go to the trunk of the boot. We opened and some of the guys were brought out but definitely the driver, there is no way that he will be able to survive and even some motor also came to run into the car,” he said.

Meanwhile, a team from the Ghana Police Service and the Ghana Ambulance Service has arrived on the scene to recover the driver’s trapped body and assist in clearing the traffic that has built up on the lane.

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