Rev. Obofour Shows Class As He Jams To Ludacris’ “Move B!tch Get Out Da Way” Song To Spite Nana Agradaa

Rev. Obofour, the creator and leader of Anointed Palace Chapel, has been seen in a new video jamming to Ludacris’ hit song “Move B!tch, Get Out Of The Way” in the midst of his feud with Nana Agradaa. Nana Agradaa and Obofour went on a social media rant just two days ago, asking each other to stay off each other’s turf.

The fetish priestess, according to the man of God, has been saying negative things about him for a long time and fabricating stories to discredit his reputation. Rev. Obofour declared that he has had enough and that he would retaliate against her for continually insulting him and his family.

Rev Obofour is seen singing along in his car as Ludacris’ song “Move B!tch” plays in the background in the video, which is seen as a slap in the face to Agradaa. The man of God was seen living life while the song was playing, showing how unfazed he is in the midst of his feud with Nana Agradaa.

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