The Court Has Dismissed A Second Attempt To Compel Achimota School To ‘Temporarily’ Admit A Rastafarian Student.

A second lawsuit against the Achimota School for refusing to accept students with dreadlocks has been dismissed. Tyron Marhguy, a Rastafarian student, was seeking an injunction to compel the school to admit him temporarily pending the outcome of the case. During Tuesday’s sitting of the Human Rights Court 1 Division of the High Court, however, the appeal was dismissed.

According to a survey, Justice Gifty Addo ruled that the entire application touches on the content of the substantive suit and is therefore pre-emptive. As a result, the judge postponed the case until April 23, 2021, but promised that the trial will be expedited.

A similar appeal for a mandatory injunction against the Achimota School was also rejected the day before. Oheneba Nkrabea, a dreadlocked undergraduate, filed the first injunction case, requesting that the school temporarily admit him.

The student had filed an ex-parte motion through his father, claiming that his constant stay at home puts him at a disadvantage.

As a result, he asked the court to order the Achimota School to temporarily admit him while the parties’ legal battle continues.“The longer Applicant remains at home, the longer he will be refused an education,” one part of the motion said.

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