Reggie Rockstone Threatens To Sue Anyone Who Practices Dipo

Reggie Rockstone, the grandpa of Hiplife has threatened to sue anyone who practices Dipo

Dipo is a Ghanaian traditional festival celebrated by the people of the Krobo land in the Eastern region of Ghana.The festival is celebrated in the month of April every year. The festival is used to usher into puberty or adulthood, girls who are virgins and it signifies that a lady, who partakes in it, is of age to be married .On the first day of the rites, the girls have their heads shaved and dressed with cloth around their waist to just their knee level.

The rapper’s comment come after Akuapem Poloo was convicted for exposing her son to nudity. She was charged with publication of obscene material with her sentencing postponed to Friday 16th April 2021. Unhappy about Poloo’s conviction, Reggie Rockstone wrote;

The next time I see a dipo cultural sum tin I am suing sum one (dunno who yet).young girls with dema breastisis out in loin cloth paraded in front of grown men and women and booze dey around hmmm . This one na een own peekin and e be photo! lawd we are funked!“.

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