Princess Shyngle Gives Her Life To Christ After Two Failed Marriages

Princess Shyngle, a Gambian-born actress, model, and entrepreneur, was recently in the news for leaving her two-month-old marriage with Bala-Gaye after he allegedly assaulted her.

According to Princess Shyngle, she suffered abuse repeatedly from her ex-husband which is why she opted to walk away from the marriage.

Princess Shyngle, during a live session on her Instagram page revealed that carrying her marital affairs onto social media is the reason her marriage did not work.

She added that family, friends and followers alike, cautioned her to keep her life away from social media but she turned a deaf ear to them and is now suffering from her error of judgement.

Princess Shyngle posted on her insta stories that she is taking a time out from relationships to heal and build her career.

While crying, she said:

“I agree that putting everything out on social media caused my marriage to fail…This is honestly the last time in my history that I will ever put anything about my life on social media…Honestly, sometimes I feel like I have a connection with my followers because, in as much as I have followers, I’m always in my DM talking to my followers.”

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