“My ears can’t be seen just like your celebrity status”- Afia Odo Taken To The Cleaners By A Social Media User

Efia Odo is the subject of a Twitter feud between herself and a fan named Latif

The virtual brawl began when this Latif posted on Twitter that it was unfair for Akuapem Poloo to be imprisoned while Efia Odo, who has been posting offensive images of herself, was not.

Efia Odo did not respond to Latif’s very truthful and harmless message, as the fact that everybody, including herself, knows she has relied on nudity for attention more than anything else.

Efia Odo then followed up with a post in which she asked who was up for some randoms. Randoms on Twitter refers to a celebrity entering the DM of an ordinary follower and engaging in a conversation to see how long they can keep things going.

 Latif declared that he is prepared for randoms, and that Efia Odo should look in his direction. Clearly, this was the best time for Efia Odo to react to his earlier post comparing her to Akuapem Poloo and explaining why she is a bigger part of the scandal.

Efia Odo took a picture of this Latif guy and posted it  with a funny caption mocking him. In reality, she said that he must go get his ears because his head is devoid of them in order to apply for randoms.

Latif clearly hurt by Afia Odo’s actions took his time in coming up with a suitable reply saying that not only his ears are missing but Afia Odo’s Celebrity Status as well.

Afia Odo in a bid not to sound beaten made fun of how long Latif took to come up with a reply which to her is weak and asking him to seek help from friends for a better reply

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