Fire Ravages Kumasi Central Market

A fire outbreak has reduced over 20 shops at the Kumasi central market to ashes late last night.

Though the cause of the fire is unclear, eyewitnesses say it began about 8 p.m. on Sunday, April 18 in one part of the market and quickly spread to other areas.

An eyewitness, Alhassan Idris told Citi News that: “I was asleep when I heard of the fire outbreak at the Kumasi Central market. I rushed to the market, and it was true that there was a fire outbreak. So I tried to help to contain the fire. As of the time I came to the market, I was desperate to help put out the fire, so I didn’t really ask what caused it.”

  The Ghana National Fire Service’s Ashanti Regional Deputy Commander, Henry Giwah, spoke to the media about the difficulties they faced trying to get to the fire scene.

“We received a distress call around 8:48 pm that there was a fire outbreak at the Central market, so we quickly dispatched our men. When they arrived, they saw that the whole place had been engulfed by the fire, affecting about 27 shops. So they tried to confine it so that it would not spread further. Accessibility is always a problem here. It’s a big problem. The interference from the traders was not also good. Leather and turpentine products were involved so when you put out the fire, before you realise, it has reignited,” he said.

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