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Make Accra Work: Anyaa Sowutoum MP Outlines Achievable Policies To Greater Accra Minister

To the Honorable Greater Accra Regional Minister, Henry Quartey:
As the Region considers authorizing investments in Greater Accra infrastructure during the 2021 year.
I am representing Anyaa Sowutuom planning organizations, home owners, towns, and electoral area. We offer support and partnership as we work together for the benefit of all City residents. To that end, we have jointly developed the following key principles that reflect priorities to keep.
Let’s Make Accra Work

Invest in infrastructure.
Accra is growing – we were the fastest growing city in the nation over the past decade. And our growth is at a record-setting pace. To ensure Greater Accra’s long-term prosperity and quality of life, it is essential that the State continues to invest in all modes of infrastructure. We agree with President Nana Addo that “transportation is such a critical element in establishing and enhancing our quality of life.” We concur with you that our commitment to investing in and preserving critical infrastructure is the foundation for Ghana’s future and we need to fund it.
As Ghana manages the two challenges of population growth and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, investing in infrastructure will help to ensure quality of life and access to opportunities for all Ghanaians.

Support multi-modal transportation choices.
Rapid growth in a limited geography means our communities need to provide transportation choices. As you stated, it is very important to alleviate congestion on our roads, we need to fund expansion of highways and improve alternate routes to ease congestion. Our alternate routes in Anyaa Sowutuom are in a very deplorable state. We need to incorporate roads, transport, bicycling, and walking to meet our needs today and in the future. Broadband investment should be part of the overall infrastructure investment approach, particularly to facilitate teleworking and to provide access to rural areas.

Our transportation infrastructure needs to be coordinated with our local land use decisions and housing development to maximize our investments. Our investment priorities today will pay dividends for the regional long-term economic strength for generations to come.

We should utilize the professional planning and prioritization process.
We should plan along with many other stakeholders, to prepare for Accra’s future by developing a 30-year plan for transportation infrastructure. Consultation and with the engagement of cities and municipals, to identify and plan for the State’s transportation needs. We have to recognize the varying conditions and investment priorities for Ghana’s urban, and rural communities.
Transportation projects that are identified as near-term needs will then be prioritized while using established processes that consider factors including mobility, safety, economic development, and air quality. These processes are data driven and use criteria established in law.

We have should work together to provide technical assistance to communities as they engage their residents and update their plans. We support continued efforts to integrate state and local plans and provide technical assistance.
We respect the prerogative of the Legislature to establish policies and priorities, in collaboration with other stakeholders. With recognition of this prerogative, we respectfully encourage that to the greatest extent possible, the established processes be used to plan, prioritize, and manage projects, to ensure the funds are used efficiently for maximum impact and to ensure that the transportation infrastructure meets the needs of Accra’s current and future residents.

Be fiscally prudent – balance current infrastructure investment needs with long-term fiscal stability.

Accra’s economic success has been made possible by many factors, including our President’s significant commitment to transportation investment, valuing an integrated multi-modal transportation network that is connected to land use, housing, and economic development. It is imperative that we continue this legacy of economic leadership through stewardship of the National financial resources to make disciplined investment in our multi-modal and connected transportation network. Road user fees should continue to provide the core funding for the Accra’s transportation program.

Sustainable funding strategies that meet long-term funding needs, including the expansion of the road usage charge program, should continue to be explored.
In the meantime, the State should pursue a prudent mix of one-time revenue and bonding when it makes sense and in a way that ensures the future stability of the Ghana’s finances and the health of our transportation systems.
National and local government both have important roles to play. Working together, we can ensure the quality of life of our collective constituents both today and tomorrow.

Thank you for your consideration and for all you do to make Greater Accra the best region in the country. We pray that your tenure brings joy to many passengers, drivers, city employers and employees. We pray that fewer road traffic congestion and accidents occur during your tenure and beyond. Kindly come more often to visit Anyaa Sowutuom. We wish to improve our road infrastructure during this 2nd term of NPP government. God bless you our Regional Minister, God bless our Homeland Ghana, God bless our able leadership and President Nana Addo. Thanks.

With Respect,
Dr. Adomako Kissi,

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