Sarkodie Accused Of Stealing His Latest Song ‘Fugazy’ From An American Rapper With A Song Of The Same Title – VIDEO

Sarkodie recently released a single titled ‘Fugazy’ and his fans are enjoying it.

Apparently, the king pulled a fast one on all of us as the song was allegedly stolen from an American rapper with a song of the same title.

A Twitter user drew our attention to the fact that American rapper, DTheflyest has the same song with title Fugazi and the difference is in the spelling and of course, his song is no where closer to Sark’s own but trust people to make the most out of nothing.

According to the said twitter user, Sarkodie has the tendency of always stealing songs of others and blowing his own horn with his stolen songs

Below are videos of Sarkodie and DTheflyest’s versions of Fugazy.

DTheflyest version of Fugazi below

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