Fans Get Curious Over Serwaa Amihere And Mysterious Guy Riding In An Expensive Benz

Curiosity, they claim, kills the cat, but netizens don’t seem to mind as they continue to follow Serwaa Amihere’s trail after seeing her riding with a mysterious man.

Many people have speculated on who the man she was seen with might be, as well as whether or not the Mercedes belongs to the mysterious man or her.

Serwaa and the mysterious guy were filmed while on their way to an Electroland Gh program, where she serves as an ambassador for the company.

Netizens’ interest is simple; they just want to know who is in charge of the newscaster’s beautiful goods.

This piqued their interest, prompting them to spread rumors about who she is actually dating, with names like Afrobeat singer King Promise cropping up in one of the rumors.

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