Kennedy Agyapong Calls Dag Heward Mills Evil As He Hits Out At The Man Of God-Video

The founder of the Lighthouse Chapel, Bishop Dag Heward Mills somewhere in the month of February 2020 was captured in footage invoking God’s wrath on some of his critics.

Citing portions of the Bible, Bishop Dag Heward Mills invoked curses of leprosy among others on the people.

More than a year after the video went viral, Hon. Kennedy Agyapong who has started a fearsome crusade against false prophets has chanced on it and he is shocked by the actions of the Lighthouse leader.

Kennedy Agyapong on Monday April 27, 2021, questioned why a man of God will invoke curses on people for criticising, stating that for a preacher of his experience, he should have known better.

“But why should a pastor curse someone for criticising him. What a shame. What is going on in this country. Is he not the one who has established churches abroad?. A friend of mine has very intelligent kids and he has convinced all of them to leave Pentecost and become pastors in his church. Brilliant boys who were engineers and accountants and I don’t know how he managed to convince them to become pastors in Lighthouse”.

“The greatest commandment is love Thy God as yourself. The second greatest is love thy neighbour as yourself. If you love your neighbour, you won’t steal from him, you will forgive him when he faults you. So, for a prophet to curse people the way he did, he’s a devil. He is more than evil. Nobody is ready to tell him but I have told him. If you curse people like that, you are evil”.

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