God Will Change My BIG Nose To A Cute One If Nana Agradaa And Akuapem Poloo Have Changed- Akrobeto Makes Fun

Akrobeto has made light of events going on around Nana Agradaa and Akuapem Poloo this past few days.

He says the grace of God would soon manifest in his life as God seems to be in a visiting mood recently

That the manifestation of God’s grace in his life would be turning his big nose into a pointy cute one.

Speaking on his show dubbed Real News, he reveal that a man who is said he had broken up with his girlfriend woke up with a changed genitals— instead of his male genital, he woke with a female one.

Akrobeto says that if God has made this unspeakable change, cause Agradaa to change as well and Akuapem Poloo too, then he definitely would have his miracle too.

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