Bill Gates And Wife Divorce After 27 years of marriage

Bill Gates and Melinda Gates announced Monday they are getting a divorce after 27 years of marriage. 

The multi-billionaire and co-founder of Microsoft made the announcement on Twitter, saying he and Melinda will continue to work together at their foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Bill, formerly the world’s richest person, became one of the world’s leading philanthropists since stepping down as Microsoft CEO. 

He and Melinda founded their nonprofit foundation in 2000, the year Bill stepped down, and have since donated nearly $60 billion toward reforms for education and the environment, including more than $2 billion as of late to fight the spread of COVID-19. 

Their foundation was formed by transferring $20 billion of Microsoft stock, the website said. 

Bill transitioned out of a day-to-day role at Microsoft in 2008 and served as chairman of the board until 2014. Last year, he committed to his philanthropic goals even further when he stepped down from his role on the company’s board. 

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