Shatta Wale Said To Be Battling With Kidney Problems.

Self acclaimed millionaire Ibrah and friend of Shatta Wale has rather shared some disturbing news as to why Shatta Wale has decided to withdraw from social media.

Shatta Wale had previously hinted that he has no intentions of retiring from music anytime soon after the release of his GOG album.

But in an interview with Andy Dosty on Hitz FM, he contradicted himself by saying he would be retiring from music to concentrate on other business ventures with the excuse of making way for upcoming artiste.

In an Instagram post, Ibrah one has revealed that Shatta Wale is actually suffering from kidney problems, reason for his sudden reclusiveness and that he is trying to hide it from the media.

See post below:

Well hopefully it is would proof to be just one of Ibrah’s gimmicks at drawing attention to himself but if he is proven right, Shatta Wale has every right to keep matters of his personal health to himself as long as he is not endangering anyone with his silence.

Either way we are always praying for Shatta Wale

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