Don’t Sow Seed To Me If You Haven’t Given Your Mum Her Monthly Upkeep – Prophet Kofi Oduro

Prophet Kofi Oduro has said that he’s not looking forward to receiving seeds from his church members if they have not sent their mothers’ monthly remittances.

According to him, if a church member brings him seed without first sorting his or her mother, there’s no blessing in such an act. So, one must give his or her mother money first before thinking of sowing seed to a pastor.

The man of God, therefore, advised Christians especially his church members to do the needful provided they want to receive more blessings from the Ultimate Reality or God.

As a reminder, Prophet Kofi Oduro is a dynamic and prolific preacher who teaches the word of God with Power, Clarity, deep insights and revelations. Give it a listen and you will be blessed.


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