Orgasms Is What Keeps A Woman Happy, Not Money Or Gifts – Actress Tells Ghanaian Men

Ama Serwah who doubles as a fashion designer and actress has posited that if a man is unable to have good intercourse with his partner to make her reach orgasm, no amount of gifts will ever make her a happy woman.

Speaking in the studios of eTV on ‘In Bed with Adwen’ show, she stated that orgasms are very important in the life of every woman and it has great control over a woman’s emotions.

She said, “If you don’t give your wife good intercourse, she does not glow. You’ll realize that if she’s a seamstress, for instance, she’ll always take out her anger on her apprentices.

”If she’s a corporate worker, you’ll notice she is always at work with a frown on her face. You can give your woman a house full of money but if you don’t give her good intercourse, she won’t look good”.

According to Ama Serwah, there are certain positions that help a woman reach orgasm however, a lot of men do not know about this, hence.

Touching on some of these orgasm-triggering positions, she mentioned that back-shots are very important and effective in making a woman reach orgasm during intercourse.

“In this position, the man is able to hit her g-spot and she can also play with her clit easily, hence causing her to squirt or orgasm”, she added.

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