#FixYourPu$$y – Ibrah one Fires Afia Schwarzenegger

#Fixthecountry is a new political movement aimed at reminding President Nana Akufo Addo about the worsening economic conditions and decline in the living standards of the citizens compared to the heaven on earth promises he made to Ghanaians to capture power.

The campaigners want good policies to be implemented which would benefit the average Ghanaian whilst remedying all the ills that have plunged people into untold hardship.

Not surprisingly, loyalists of the NPP including their bootlicking celebs like Prince David Osei and Afia Schwar have tried to tame the storm on social media by starting a weak counterattack dubbed #Fixyourself and #Fixyourattitude which have done little to help their case but gone a long way to infuriate Ghanaians the more.

Afia Schwar said in a video that Ghanaians should rather fix their attitudes first because Nana Akufo Addo alone can not fix the country if the citizens are unwilling to change.

The loudmouthed actress and troublemaker further mentioned that there is more than we can as a country to help the government make things work well for us rather than solely pushing all the blame on the government.

However, Ibrah has hit hard at Afia for getting involved in the discourse by hurling her ignorant posture into the mix.

The Ghanaian socialite asked Afia to fix her privates first before contributing to matters of national importance like this. See below for what he said;

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