The Youth Of Ghana Are Dissatisfied – Dr Kofi Amoah

Economist and Businessman, Dr Kofi Amoah has blamed the dissatisfaction of the Ghanaian youth on the lack of jobs in the country.

“The youth of Ghana and the youth of Africa are dissatisfied because they can’t find jobs!” He stated.

His comments come in the wake of the current #FixTheCountry campaign in the country, where the Ghanaian youth are calling for government to address the basic needs of the people with youth unemployment being key in their demands.

Speaking with host George Wiafe on JoyNews’ PM: Express, Dr Amoah explained that the welfare of the Ghanaian is hinged on jobs.

“In the rich countries, jobs are their gods. They worship their jobs, because it is through their jobs that they can buy a house, that they can buy clothes for their children and pay their school fees.

“The job becomes the umbilical chord between the citizen and the society,” he stated.

Dr Amoah, however, does not believe that the burden of providing jobs for the citizen should be placed on the private sector, often referred to as the engine of growth.

“We don’t have enough private sector companies in Ghana to absorb all these millions of people – educated and uneducated. And no country has started their economic development through the private sector. None. In the history of the world no country has done that.”

He added that having a strong domestic economy as is evident in many of the successful economies of the world is fundamental to the growth of the Ghanaian economy.

He, therefore, sympathized with the youth of the country, adding that “The whole thing is that people are looking for opportunities that will enshrine their lives. These young people, their motive is not to be demonstrating in the streets. It is to get a job.”

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