“Do You Still Remember When I Said I Was Taken… They Have Returned Me…”Princess Shyngle Puts Herself On The Market As She Jokes About Her Recent Divorce

Gambian actress Princess Sahyngle has joked about her recent divorce but also used the opportunity to market herself.

The actress, who has gone through severe situations this year including divorce, an alleged suicide attempt and domestic violence believes she is still in a fair condition for men who may be interested in her.

In an Instagram post, Princess Shyngle shared a meme that conveyed the message that she may be bruised emotionally and psychologically but she is still a hotcake for any man who is out there looking for a potential partner.

Princess Shyngle previously said she would keep her future relationships private and off social media because she believes it contributed largely to the falling apart of her two recent marriages.

“Do you still remember when I said I was taken… They have returned me…”

“They’ve returned me oh fairly used but still in very good condition”

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