Somalia Rejects John Mahama’s Appointment as AU High Representative

In a letter dated Sunday, May 9, 2021, Somalia’s Foreign Minister Mohamed Abdirizak Mohamud stated reasons for the withdrawal of support for the AU representative.
The former Ghana President John Dramani Mahama was appointed as the AU High Representative for Somalia.

He said the process to find an amicable solution to the impasse in the East African country started way back in September 2020, with the Prime Minister leading efforts to finalise the political agreement.

Also, he mentioned that “It’s my concern, introducing envoy into the process now will only confuse the present amicable arrangements and at worse risk the politicisation of the process further than necessary.”
Secondly, the Foreign Minister doubts Mr Mahama’s impartiality and competence to handle the mediation talks given his “extensive link” with Kenya’s government, which is being accused of supporting one of the parties.

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