A Good Long Foreplay Is Enough To Make Any Dry V*gina Wet – Dzifa Sweetness to GH men

Relationship expert, Dzifa Sweetness has advised men not to take foreplay lightly during intercourse because it plays a huge role in how enjoyable the s3x will be for the woman.

In the studios of eTV, Dzifa Sweetness admonished men not to be in a hurry to penetrate during intercourse.

“There is no dry v*gina that will not get wet when you give a little cunnilingus, caress the woman’s b**bs, and play around her n*pples. If the woman is neat and cleans her ears nicely, then you can even lick and kiss her ears and around her neck”, she said.

Dzifa added that even when the woman gets wet and ready for penetration, it is important for the man to keep sucking her n*pples and with all this done, the man can be assured of a genuine orgasm.

She observed that a lot of times when women fake orgasms, it is with men who rush during s3x. Since the man does not take his time to get them in the mood for intercourse and well-prepped to have orgasms, the women are forced to fake the orgasm.

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