If My Dogs Don’t Like You, I Ain’t F*cking With You – DJ Cuppy

DJ Cuppy Otedola has revealed that her dogs play a key role in deciding who she dates.

The music producer who acquired a set of Pomeranian dogs named Dudu and Funfun some months ago, has since made them her centre of attraction and attention.

Taking to her Instagram page, Cuppy said that any would-be suitor will have to get into the good books of her dogs before she would consider him.

Sharing some adorable photos of Dudu and Funfun, she wrote;

“Have you met my 3 month-old Pomeranian sons @DufuPoms? 🐕🐾 If Dúdú and FünFün don’t like you, we can’t date 😔 #Facts #Pupcakes #CuppyPuppy“

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