Magnom Drops New Single ‘Don’t Break It’

After an extended silence, Magnom has decided to release a single he calls “Don’t Break It”. The song is one of the many produced by Magnom himself.

“Don’t Break It” was inspired by a playful romantic and sensual banter between a couple. It also reflects a part of Magnom’s ideas on how a relationship should be; playful, respectful, sensual, and filled with assurance. His lyrics express an adorable boundary respecting possessiveness, the kind that lovers have when they want to always be around each other.

Magnom as a producer is known for his genre-bending and fusion abilities and this is no exception to that. He chose to use steel drums as the leads and interlaced them with some synth. The melody and notes give you Caribbean carnival vibes while the percussion & bassline bring you back home, thus maintaining a reverberating West African Essence.

“Don’t Break It” is available for streaming and purchase on all favourite streaming stores and apps. It was exclusively premiered on YFM’s morning show RyseNShyne with Brown Berry and DJ Loft.

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