I Was Drunk On My Wedding Day; Didn’t Know What Was Happening – Medikal (Video)

The incident of Fella Makafui passing out at her wedding was one that raised several discussions on various platforms.

The questions and perceptions were countless and endless. Some were of the view the Yolo actress was pregnant hence the little fatigue caused her to pass out.

Another was Medikal’s reaction when she fell, as the one standing close to her, he couldn’t act fast and didn’t even follow when she was picked up.

Medikal has cleared the air about this saying he wasn’t fast to react because he was heavily drunk on his wedding day.

He said he was so drunk he didn’t notice Fella was falling down, when asked why he would do that, he explained saying it was his happy day so just as people go wild on their happy days he did the same.

Video below;

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