No Party Executives Love Sekz Than Current NDC Party Executives – Estranged Atubiga

Estranged member of NDC, Stephen Atubiga has indicated that he has not seen people who like sekz other than executives of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

He indicated that whiles their colleagues were working at winning elections, the executives of the NDC were focused on long bouts of sekz with their concubines.

“I have not seen politicians who like sekz like the leadership of the NDC…there were internal strategic buttucks and external buttucks which sunk the party ….During election, we don’t have sekz for long but they were having sekz all day… Mahama’s defeat was a deliberate calculated betrayal…They intentionally caused Mahama’s defeat.”

Atubiga indicated that the major cause of Mahama’s defeat in 2020 was because most people who were given responsibilities shirked their responsibilities and were focused on huge buttocks.

“As at two weeks in November 2020,money to train 105 polling agents for the December elections weren’t available…The people at Mahama’s private office are very lazy and useless…they were not able to coordinate from the polling stations at least for ten seconds during the election but they were rather sitting somewhere and having sekz….”

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