Just In: Salma Mumin Who said She Doesn’t Date Small Boys Caught Flirting With ‘Small Boy’ Kuami Eugene

Socialite, Salma Mumin who previously made it clear that she doesn’t date small boys was spotted flirting with Kuami Eugene much to everyone’s surprise

Salma made it clear recently that her preference for dating are older men who are presumably rich and can handle every request of her rich life.

That comment even led Xandy Kamel to accuse Salma for sleeping with old wrinkly men for money.

Apparently it seems her old men can not cater for all her ‘physical needs’ and as such she still has use for ‘small boys’

Eugene shared a photo talking about being loyal, next thing we know Salma was in the comments showing some love.

At least we know Eugene is doing well for himself – maybe money can stop Salma’s hate for young boys.

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