Afia Schwarzenegger Threatens To Have Adu Safowaa Rearrested.

Afia Schwarzenegger has once again threatened to have Adu Safowaa arrested again and we wait to see if she would do good on her promise.

The two have been at each others throat through out the month and it does not there will be peace between them anytime soon.

Their beef started when Adu Safowaa accused Afia Schwarzenegger of being HIV positive, an accusation Afia did not take lightly and went on to cause the arrest of Adu Safowaa.

Safowaa was released and went quiet but recently, she opened fire on Schwar again.

According her, a knee injury Afia Schwarzenegger is currently nursing is as a result of her being banged by a dog. she added that the dog bit of Afia’s cl*t.

Afia Schwar replied last night in a video but this morning has threatened to have Safowaa arrested again.

She said she has reported her to the cyber crime division and she would be sleeping over there this weekend.

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