You Are In Over Your Head, Humble Yourself And Ask For Help And Let Us Help You – John Mahama To Akuffo Addo

Ex President John Mahama has urged sitting President Nana Akuffo Addo to come to terms with reality and admit that the office of president is beyond and be humble enough to seek help so he can be helped.

According to John Mahama, the free education implemented by AKuffo Addo was hastily done without regard for the constraints it would have on the public purse.

In his speech to commemorate the June 4 uprising, Mahama said he believes the economy is worse off, the FREE SHS was a rushed policy and it will be in the best interest of the government to seek consensus and agree that things are currently not in good shape.

“Forty-two years on, our economy and democracy are in dire straits. Economic hardship, insecurity, political and ethnic polarization, deepening inequality, politicization of our democratic institutions, corruption, serious problems in the education and health sectors are challenges Ghanaians are confronted with in our daily lives.”

“This has led to a crisis of confidence in the political leadership.”

‘Ghana is a country with exceptional human talent. Time is ticking fast and yet we can make things right if we work as one nation with a common destiny. As I have said in the past, broad consultations and consensus-building does not take anything away from a leader.’

“Broad consultations that bring the best and brightest together with stakeholders can forge consensus around issues such as economic recovery strategy, or implementational challenges of Free SHS in the national interest.”

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