Could This Be Love! Kalybos And Ahuofe Patri Could Finally Be Getting Married As She Accepts Kalybos’ Proposal

Kalybos and Ahuofe Patri have long shared a chemistry many thought was beyond just friendship though the two have constantly denied being in a relationship in interviews.

The two have long put smiles on the faces of Ghanains in their comedy skits which shot them to very top of Ghanaian entertainment.

It seems they are also ready to enjoy the happiness marriage has to offer. Kalybos after being reminded of the beauty Ahuofe Patri possesses in a picture she posted on social media shot his shot by asking her to marry him, to which she consented.

He wrote, “Please marry me wai.” The comment made Ahuofe laugh at first. After another quick examination of the proposition, she responded again, “Yoo mati (with a red heart emoji),” which signifies “Alright, I have heard you.”

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