Floyd Mayweather Makes Extra Millions After Fight With Logan Paul

Mayweather and Paul fought in an eight-round exhibition that ended without a winner. Logan Paul escaped a knockout and dragged Floyd Mayweather to the final bell in their surreal showdown in Miami on Sunday night.

No official winner was announced, as per exhibition rules, but although a knockout was allowed, it did not materialize.

Floyd Mayweather says “he had fun” exchanging blows with Logan Paul during their eight-round exhibition match Sunday.

“I had fun … He’s better than I thought he was,” Mayweather said after the fight Sunday, saying Paul knew how to use his weight to his advantage. “He’s a tough, tough competitor … I was surprised by him tonight.” 

The pay-per-view event, which was broadcast on Showtime Sunday from Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, was deemed a draw.

The highly-anticipated sporting event didn’t go without technical difficulties. Some people said they had trouble streaming the highly publicized fight.

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