Fugazy Alert: Tracey Boakye Trolled For Gifting Bro Sammy Fake ‘Balengiaca’

Tracey Boakye is at the receiving end of some hot trolls on social media for allegedly buying a fake designer shirt to gift to Bro Sammy.

The gospel singer has been spotted wearing a clearly fake designer shirt, with the inscription ‘Balengiaca’ on it. It is a clear ripoff of the Spanish designer line Balenciaga.

Bro Sammy was proudly displaying the shirt, obviously not knowing it is a fake.

He has been trolled for wearing a fake shirt but somehow, Tracey Boakye has also been roped into the issue.

Notorious Instablogger thosecalledcelebs posted a cryptic post appearing to point the blame on Tracey Boakye for buying the fake designer for Bro Sammy from Turkey.

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