Latest Gossip: Otumfour Allegedly Father’s ‘Bastard’ With South African Side chic (Video)

Ohene David, a man who has taken inspiration from Twene Jonas has also taken to calling out our leaders for their poor leadership and in so doing has made some rather damning allegations against the royal stool of the Ashanti Kingdom.

According to him, he is taken aback by how African leaders turn a side-eye to the hardship and suffering of their people.

He is of the view that all that interest them is enriching themselves at the expense of the masses and laying with the prettiest women.

He claims that the Otumfour is no exception and goes further to allege that he has South African side chic who warms his bed during cold nights.

He claims this side chic recently welcomed a child of Otumfour’s and what annoys him the most is the fact that, the lady in question is not even decent.

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