All They Care About Is Ratings, – Lydia Forson Calls Out Tv3 For Exploiting Abena Korkor To Promote Date Rush

Beautiful Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson has called out Tv3 for taking advantage of Abena Korkor to promote their stations.

Abena Korkor previously worked for Tv3 but was sacked for an undisclosed reason.

Following Tv3 breaking ties with Abena Korkor she suffered depression and has been trending on all social media platforms for the wrong reasons

And Tv3 decided to take advantage of the hype around Abena Korkor to promote their channel by making her appear in an episode of the date rush

And Lydia Forson has not taken that lightly as she is accusing the television station of only using Abena Korkor to promote their agenda.

According to Lydia Forson, TV3 is insensitive to have aired Abena Korkor’s episode at a time that she’s going through a phase of her bipolar disorder.

Check out the screenshot below;

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