Tafrisky Nkonkonsa’s Public Apology To Wife Stupid – Counsellor George Lutterodt

Self acclaimed counsellor George Lutterodt has described the public apology issued by Blogger Eugene Osarfo Nkansah, popularly known in the media space as Nkonkonsa to the wife on the day of their second year marriage anniversary following the secrets revealed by Abena Korkor as stupid and unnecessary.

According to the controversial counsellor, the best approach for Eugene was to have apologized to the wife in private if and not issuing a public apology to all Ghanaians.

Speaking on the ‘Best Entertainment Show’ Monday morning on Okay FM, Lutterodt argued that, the public apology should have not been considered at all because it makes no sense and warrants being an insult to the integrity of the wife.

“Eugene’s apology was regrettable, shameful and a senseless write-up. Who has Eugene offended? I’m not his wife, Ghanaians are not his wife. Is he marrying Ghanaians? Is the wife the public? Some of these things, we have to learn it very well and stop the nonsense. A day before the anniversary, the wife took advantage over the whole licking situation and made business sales out of it, showing she has seen the whole matter as part of life so why apologize to all Ghanaians?. If you have any apology to render, do so to your wife in your private space not the whole Ghanaians.

“Fast forward, the story is that Eugene exhibited poor behavior towards revealing Abene Korkor’s private apology message to him in public. Even Abena gave Eugene a private apology message, Eugene is the one who sent it to the public domain – that brought about more anger for Abena to reveal the WhatsApp conversation. If you(Eugene) have done something wrong to orchestrate more drama and you’re celebrating your anniversary, just go on to the point, celebrate your wife and ignore adding useless apology to it.”

He added, “Because if Lebene is angry because of what Eugene has done then she’s not normal. Any wife of all the guys mentioned by Abena Korkor who will be angry – then it means the said wife is not correct. Any firm marriage, Abena’s action cannot break it so to me, Eugene’s apology write-up was not useful, senseless and baseless because the wife is not the public. If Eugene thinks going to lick Abena Korkor is an offense, he should do the needful in their private space. The content of his (Eugene) apology is even an insult to the wife.”

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