30 And Single Does Not Make Me Dead – Berla Mundi To Trolls

Berla Mundi is one beautiful lady who graces our television sets to address us on current news and other relevant information.

She recently turned 30 and still doesn’t look like settling down anytime soon judging from her comments on instagram.

According to her, being unmarried does not make her less of a human because she might not have survived marriage if she had rushed into it.

That was a reply from the TV3 presenter to the concern of a fan or better still a troll who said Berla Mundi needs to understand that she is no longer getting young so the earlier she decides to settle down, the better it will be for her chances.

It all started when Berla Mundi shared a tweet where she intimated that is unfair for men to demand culinary duty from their working wives.

This post received much traction from her fans and Ghanaians with many disagreeing with her. That is how come @Kwameelvis sent her this message below:

All this fine fine grammar will change when you get to the other side of 30 and still unmarried. Smart women find a way around their career and marriage.

Berla Mundi said as far as marriage is concerned, she still got a lot to learn before she gets into one…that is if she is going to marry at all.

I’m 30 and unmarried. I’m not dead sweetie. In actual fact, I probably may not have survived this marriage thing if I had done it earlier because I still had a lot of growing up to do. Smart men find a way to support their wives when it gets tough. It’s a collaboration.

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