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Dr. Kofi Amoah Reveals How He Made His First Million Dollars

Businessman Dr. Kofi Amoah has shared with Ghanaians how he made his first million dollars.

According to him, he made his first million dollars after facilitating the entry of American worldwide financial services and communications company, Western Union to Africa.

He said after attending a seminar where one of the speakers said ‘if you want to make money, look for a job where although you’re asleep, you’re making money’, he decided to pioneer the entry of Western Union in Ghana.

“I wasn’t able to send money to my mother so I thought about it as I wasn’t having enough money…I would send about $200 to my mother in Ghana from America and it would get missing.

In America, if someone wants to send money to someone in Houston from New York, the person uses Western Union,” he said.

Dr Kofi Amoah’s company, Progeny Ventures, is reportedly entitled to a percentage of every dollar/euro/pound etc, sent through Western Union in remittances to African countries.

In 2017 alone, remittance via Western Union to Nigeria alone was $21billion. Ghana was $1.9bn.

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