I Was Born Normal But I Stopped Growing- PawPaw Reveals

Nigerian actor Osita Iheme has for the first time shared the story of how he became diminutive-sized.

According to Nollywood star popularly known as Pawpaw, he was born normal like any other child but strangely he developed stunted growth.

Speaking to Entertainment Express in an interview, Pawpaw despite his mother being worried over his diminutive figure, he was not that perturbed, as he worked hard to achieve his goals in life.

“I was born normal but then stopped growing. I was born in the early 80s. I mark my birth every 20th of February. I was a normal baby when I was born. I can’t say that this was when I stopped growing but I just grew up to find myself like this.

“I just grew up to find myself like this. I just found myself like this and I can’t question God but I keep working hard to become somebody in life. Definitely, my mother must have been worried about my growth but what can she do? It has happened and she had to accept the situation the way it was,” he said.

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