Fameye Reveals How He Used ‘For Girls’ On A Lady To Make Her Love Him

Singer Fameye has revealed he has used a charm on a lady for her to fall crazily in love with him before.

The charm, which is known in our local parlance as “For Girls”, is very popular among the youth, and it is not surprising than Fameye before he became famous dabbled with it.

Recounting his experience with “For Girls” when he appeared on Nana Romeo’s show on Accra FM, the “Self Help” singer said he once used the charm on a lady, and she absolutely fell for him.

According to him, the charm was so effective that the lady was at his mercy — literally doing everything she asks him to do for him.

“I never believed it, I only tried to see if it will work..  They gave me a paper and shea butter as ‘For Girls’. It became too effective, and the girl was doing everything I tell her to do for. I stopped because I felt guilty playing with someone’s mind,” he recounted.

Watch the video below…

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