My Family Received Death Threats After The Game Against Poland- Morata

Spain international, Alvaro Morata has revealed his poor performances at the EUROS is putting the lives of his family in danger.

According to the Juventus striker, after the match against Poland which he missed a number of chances, including an open goal, he and his family received avalanche of death threats from Spanish fans.

He said the threats affected him so much that he couldn’t even sleep for 9 hours after the game.

“I did not sleep for nine hours after the game against Poland. I have received threats, insults to my family, that they hope my children die.

“I’m fine, maybe a few years ago I would have been screwed. I have spent a few weeks isolated from everything.

“I understand that I am criticised because I have not scored a goal, but I wish people would put themselves in the place of what it is like to receive threats, that they tell you that your children should die. What bothers me is that they tell my wife, that they tell my children. They tell them everything.” he told Spanish radio station CadenaCOPE.

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