Enough Talk, Time To Rise And Fight – Shatta Wale To Youth Concerning #FixTheCountry

Dancehall king Shatta Wale has come out to tell the youth the talk is too much and brings no results so it’s time to add action to our talk.

According to him, numerous social media arguments and the back and forth are not yielding any results thus it’s high time the youth of Ghana put their arsenals together to demand better.

Shatta Wale believes the hashtags and all the social media shenanigans would never produce any results because the leaders have not seen any concerted effort from the youth aside from hiding behind their phones and writing long essays.

Tweeting on the back of the dastardly act by some military men who shot and killed two individuals at Ejura today, Shatta Wale says the youth of the country have the solution to Ghana’s problems if only they will rise and fight.

As for Ghana dierr the problem is us the youth ..we can’t stand up and fight for our right ..Nonesense ..Everyday typing online …Massa that no go solve anything ooo ,Rise and fight and stop writing this nonesense Essays !! Mek I tink.

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