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Lighthouse Chapel In Kumasi Closed Down By ‘Asante Force’

Lighthouse chapel situated in Bantama and owned by Bishop Dag-Heward by a group known as Asante force.

The closure of the church comes as a result of the unpleasant comments it’s founder made about the Asantehene, Otumfour Osei Tutu II

Over the weekend, the Asante Force with well built men stormed the Bantama Branch of Lighthouse, locked it and pasted their notice which reads; “Lighthouse Chapel Closed By Asante Force”.

Founder of the church, Bishop Dag-Heward before the closure of his church rendered an apology to Manyhia but was rebutted.

A reply was sent to him to present himself before the King to over a verbal apology.

The group, gave a reason for closing the church saying until Manyhia accept the apology, they will make sure all lighthouse churches will remain closed in Asanteman.

They added that closing down the church is just a tip of the iceberg on the many things they plan to do till the Bishop apologizes properly to the king.

“We gave him 48hours to seek wise counsel which he has failed to respect our order, therefore, will show him that he can’t mess with the overlord of the Asanteman”

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