You Are A Christian Doesn’t Make You More Righteous Than Me – Kidi Defends His Music

Kidi has expressed his dissatisfaction at the attack he is receiving regarding the music he does.

His displeasure comes at the back of the unfavorable comments passed by some Christians and Gospel musicians after the 2021 VGMAs.

“You think you can come and beat ‘Adom’ with ‘Say Cheese’ and I am like, am I devil, am I demon?” he queried.

KiDi added: “e b work I dey work, I no kill person, we are people happy through our music.

“I keep saying this all the time that most of the Gospel musicians are the most hypocrites. Yes, you are a Christian but it doesn’t make you more righteous than me, the fact that I am doing ‘Say Cheese and ‘Enjoyment’ doesn’t make me less righteous”, KiDi said this during an interview on Hitz FM.

He marveled why these Christians will enjoy his songs at weddings “but today you want to put me on the chopping board and paint me as the demon.”

“It is not right, it is not fair, we do music to bring happiness to people whether Gospel or Hip Life, Afrobeat, we share love through our music so I am not Satan,” KiDi added.


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