Fix Yourself Cheap Thinkers – Shatta Wale To Ghanaians

Judging from the amount of rubbish coming from Shatta Wale this early morning, it can only be concluded as we are all taking tea or koko for breakfast he is as usually taken an overdose of weed.

To say Shatta Wale is confused would be an understatement. He is so confused we do not know whether to call him a friend or foe.

Just yesterday we reported how Shatta Wale was encouraging the youth to rise and fight for their rights as the politicians are taking the citizens for granted.

And this early morning he is singing a different tune, calling the youth “educated fools and disappointed graduates”

It is shocking and appalling to say the least considering a huge chunk of his fan base comes from the youth.

This is exactly what he said;

“Educated fools and disappointmented graduates saying #Fixthecountry
Fix yourself cheap thinkers”

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