Next 4 Years NDC Will Come To Power And Do Same Or Worse – Shatta Wale

Ghana as a country is approaching meltdown with citizens left very angry at the economic hardship in the country and oppressor’s rule and Shatta Wale has reminded as of our options

In a post sighted on his personal facebook page, Shatta Wale reminds Ghanaians that their saviour is no other than the NDC and when they come into power they will do same as the incumbent or even worse as we have to make do with the devil we know or the angel we do not know.

This is what he had to say;

“NEXT 4years their brother Politician is coming to power ,he will do the same thing maybe worse ?? STOP PUTTING YOUR HOPE IN POLITICS ..YOU CAN FIGHT BUT YOU MIGHT DIE AND WONT WIN ANYTHING .ARE YOU READY TO DIE YOUNG ?YOU HAVE THE STRENGTH AND MIND Start winning for yourself Now !!!!”

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