I Will Come Home And Lead A Massive Demo If The Killers In Ejura Are Not Arrested Within 3 Days – Twene Jonas

Twene Jonas in his recent social media rants has expressed a desire to stage a demo against the killings in Ghana if the perpetrators of the Ejura Killings are not arrested and prosecuted.

As usual, he did not fail to use foul words on the political leadership of the country as he boldly directs them to have the shooters arrested.

According to Twene Jonas, he wields massive authority and influence on the youth therefore his presence in Ghana to stage a demo will be too huge for the authorities to stand.

Additionally, Twene Jonas gave the government a three-day ultimatum to find the perpetrators of the killing or face his wrath…he actually declared himself as the ruler of the country and has enough resources at his disposal to carry out the demo unhindered.

The audacity in the voice and mannerism of Twene Jonas clearly depicts how he feels about the massive reception he gets from Ghanaians on social media and how he is influencing many minds back home.

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