Shatta Wale’s Music Is The Only Made In Ghana Product In America – A Plus

A Plus who is currently enjoying himself in America has made a very damning observation about Ghana.

He says since he went to America, he has seen only one made in Ghana music

And that happens to be Shatta Wale’s song, ‘kakai’

No Kente, no chocolate no nothing.

He did add that Shatta Wale is popular than one of our leading exports, cocoa

Shatta Wale has since then responded to A plus facebook post by telling A Plus to “tell them” and asking that he “stay safe bro”

This is what A Plus posted;

“Since I came to America, I’ve come across only one made in Ghana product. In a club, I heard I’m overdose with music. Super scary eiii Haihai. Haihai Shatta Wale ah come like kakai Hai Haihai. Haihai Shatta Wale come like kaka.”Shatta Wale is more popular than Cocoa. If you don’t understand, I’m sleeping in a 5 🌟 hotel in Beverly Hills. Come and beat me 🙄🙄🙄🙄Mada koraa!!!”

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